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    Contour Measurement System

Contour Measurement System

Designed as an effective, non-contact, continuous inline measurement system, the solution inspects and measures complex surface profiles. The solution consists of multiple 3D optical heads that continuously acquire data for real-time production monitoring. The design is modular and can measure multiple profiles simultaneously.

Originally developed for rubber extrusion profiles, specifically for profile measurements of tire treads, tire side walls and the tire apex, the solution is as well suited to profile manufacturing industries in general and can be adjusted for the inspection of other materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, glass, etc.

Solution design

  • Inline, for continuous extrusion profiles
  • Inspection of dimensional and geometrical parameters
  • Suitable for profiles up to 600mm in width and up to 40mm in thickness
  • Measuring up to 6 profiles simultaneously
  • Speed: 15 fps
  • Main optical principles: Eight 3D laser triangulation optical heads; scanning area is customizable
  • Software: advanced machine vision software for 3D image recognition and measurement
  • Parameters checked:
    • Tread, sidewalls, apex contour measurement;
    • Angles, squareness, gaps, grooves, and other key dimensions in real-time with on-screen optical comparator and trend graph displays;
    • Calculation of the porosity factor, with compensation of the nominal contour;
    • Symmetry, conicity, taper visualization;
    • Creation of nominal contour file from measurements;
    • Automatic detection of break point on symmetrical contours;
    • Comparison view of left/right side of symmetrical treads and sidewalls;
    • Visualization of both (after extruder and before booking) measurements on a single screen.
  • Immediate alarm when any dimensions change
  • Housing: air-tight O-frame with closed-loop cooling system


  • Continuous inline measurement of complex profiles.

We fully integrate our solutions into client's information systems and production line. All our solutions are modular and can be customized to individual client's needs.


The fully automated solution ensures 100% inline inspection of the surface profiles. The profile check is fast, efficient and reliable, which also means a reduction of costs and returns for our customers.

Each project is a new challenge for us.

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