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    Machine vision systems for industry

Machine vision robotic cells

Extremely adaptable and reusable systems for machine vision inspection of multiple parameters of larger and/or assembled objects, such as vehicle HVAC units, air intake modules, lamps (head lamps, rare-combined lamps), turbochargers, engine cooling modules and other engine parts, brakes and brake boosters.

Used for automated surface inspection, assembly check, 2D and/or 3D measurements in high series production environment, inline or offline.

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Machine vision solutions for die-casting industry

Especially in automotive industry, the high-quality inspection of die casted parts is required to eliminate defected objects (porosity and other surface defects, material residues or burrs, other defects after machining). Typically, solutions require the development of specific and custom optical principles as well as well-designed manipulation principles.

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Optical inspection solutions for tire industry

We deliver optical systems for the contour measurement of extruded profiles, as well as solutions for checking the quality of marks on finished tires.

Tire mark inspection Contour measurement system

Custom made solutions for series production industry

Many production companies require custom made optical systems, designed and optimized for their specific needs. We can bring value when commercially available solutions cannot be applied or do not perform reliably enough.

We have been developing optical solutions for automotive parts producers for 20 years, mainly in the area of product quality inspection and optical measurements, but also in the field of automated process guidance and control.

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KiS – Kolektor Imaging Software

Kolektor Imaging Software

Most of our applications are made in the KiS software environment, which is the result of our own development. More than 1000 set-up machine vision systems are based on it.

The main characteristics are:

  • Possibility of complete adaptation to customer needs,
  • »all-in-one« software,
  • the result of more than 20 years of experience and development,
  • modular architecture,
  • support for external libraries,
  • robust design, suitable for industrial environments,
  • support for various hardware (cameras, controllers, motors, sensors, etc.),
  • integrated use of standard communication protocols (RS232, TCP, PROFINET, REST, etc.)

What do we gain with machine vision solutions?

  • Reduction of the cost of claims,
  • reduction of final inspection costs,
  • increase in production performance,
    (elimination of bottlenecks),
  • indirect improvement of the technological process.

What are the main advantages of machine vision when compared with conventional methods?

  • 100% product control, which detects rare occurrences that are not detected with conventional implementation of the SPC method,
  • rapid measurement/control and operation in challenging environments,
  • elimination of subjective (human) factors when deciding on product quality.

Each project is a new challenge for us.

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