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    Custom machine vision systems for industry

Our solutions range from installing smart cameras to manufacturing complex machines customized for the client. We can offer you a complete solution for process automation with the help of partners within and outside of Kolektor.

Product control

We cover almost all areas of quality control by using proven methods (backlight illumination, dark and bright field illumination) and advanced technologies (3D reconstruction, machine learning).

Our systems are able to:

  • control surfaces in various shapes (bores, curved and flat geometries, etc.),
  • check surfaces for material residues and deficits,
  • check the integrity of various assemblies,
  • ensure that the color of materials used is correct,
  • check light permeability of materials,
  • check the quality of various joints (glue, weld).

Machine vision enables an efficient automation of processes, where the camera and the processing unit collect and process information, which helps the robots or other kinds of actuators to decide, or fully take over control over the process.

Our solutions enable our customers to:

  • »Pick and place« scattered components,
  • monitor the dosage of input material,
  • conduct welding of exhaust pipes,
  • correctly place the components before each stage of processing or final packaging,
  • optimize wood-cutting.

Process management


Dimensional measurements

With machine vision, it is possible to carry out a variety of direct and compound measurements on practically every product without contact and in a fast manner (usually during the manufacturing process). This is achieved with 2D methods, triangulation and other advanced methods for 3D reconstruction.

The Kolektor Vision systems enable you to:

  • Monitor gauges of continuous products (paper, rubber, profiles, etc.) in real time,
  • carry out various measurements based on 3D reconstruction of products,
  • carry out very precise in-line measurements of product height, width, thickness and diameter,
  • convert and tolerate compound measurements, such as circularity, eccentricity, parameters of metric and other threads, angles,
  • carry out statistic data processing (SPC on all products) in real time.

Industrial systems for reading 1D bar codes and 2D matrix codes provide reliable reading or identification regardless of the size and quality of code, the method of printing and the surface on which the code is located. In addition to machine-readable code, recognition and analysis of human-readable symbols is possible as well (OCR – optical character recognition).

Identification systems help you to:

  • Perform in-line identification of pieces,
  • ensure traceability in the production process,
  • control code readability after it is printed,
  • verify the printed code according to the relevant standards,
  • check if the machine-readable and human-readable codes match.

Identification systems

KiS – Kolektor Imaging Software

Kolektor Imaging Software

Most of our applications are made in the KiS software environment, which is the result of our own development. More than 1000 set-up machine vision systems are based on it.

The main characteristics are:

  • Possibility of complete adaptation to customer needs,
  • »all-in-one« software,
  • the result of more than 20 years of experience and development,
  • modular architecture,
  • support for external libraries,
  • robust design, suitable for industrial environments,
  • support for various hardware (cameras, controllers, motors, sensors, etc.),
  • integrated use of standard communication protocols (RS232, TCP, PROFINET, REST, etc.)

What do we gain with machine vision solutions?

  • Reduction of the cost of claims,
  • reduction of final inspection costs,
  • increase in production performance,
    (elimination of bottlenecks),
  • indirect improvement of the technological process.

What are the main advantages of machine vision when compared with conventional methods?

  • 100% product control, which detects rare occurrences that are not detected with conventional implementation of the SPC method,
  • rapid measurement/control and operation in challenging environments,
  • elimination of subjective (human) factors when deciding on product quality.

Each project is a new challenge for us.

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