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    ICMS Inline Contour Measurement System


ICMS (Inline Contour Measurement System) is a real-time non-contact measurement system for continuous in-line measurement of complex profiles. ICMS consists of multiple 3D optical heads that are continuously acquiring data for real-time production monitoring. ICMS features modular design and can measure multiple profiles simultaneously.

  • Non-contact in-line measurement system specialized for profile manufacturing industries
  • Suitable for rubber, metal, wood, ceramic, plastic and other materials
  • Inspection of geometrical parameters
  • Provides real-time production monitoring and quality inspection


  • Reduced scrap and increased yield
  • 100 % production monitoring
  • Reduced inspection costs
  • Improved production quality
  • Real-time statistics and alerts


  • Modular design - scanning area is customizable
  • O-frame with closed-loop cooling system
  • Air-tight sealed housing
  • Air blow-off protection of sensor windows.
  • Easy integration into existing production line


We offer turn-key solutions in order to fully integrate ICMS into your information systems and production line. The system is modular and can be fully customized to your needs.

Software functionalities

  • Tread, sidewalls, apex and other products contour measurement & analysis
  • Calculation of the porosity factor, with compensation of the nominal contour
  • Symmetry, conicity, taper visualization
  • Measurment of two or more products at once (sidewalls,…)
  • Creation of nominal contour file from measurements
  • Automatic detection of break point on symmetrical contours
  • Comparison view of left/right side of symmetrical treads and sidewalls
  • Visualisation of both (after extruder and before booking) measurements on a single screen

Software functionalities


ICMS offers a menu of tools to perform simultaneous measurements of widths, thicknesses, radius, angles or other costume measurements. The system is able to measure multiple profiles simultaneously.

Accuracy and repeatability

Thickness of two calibers (10 mm and 25 mm) was measured on 5 spots that were equidistantly positioned across the measuring area of the gauge. The gauge consisted of 10 Kolektor Vision triangulation heads that were calibrated to monitor and measure profile thickness on a 600 mm wide area (FOV). Below are the 6-Sigma Xbar and R charts of the measuring process, together with R&R standard deviation figure.

Software graph

Software graph

Software graph

Software graph

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