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    Machine vision solutions for die-casting industry

Machine vision solutions for die-casting industry

Especially in automotive industry, quality inspection of die casted parts is required to eliminate defected objects (porosity and other surface defects, material residues or burrs, other defects after machining). Typically, solutions require development of specific and custom optical principles as well as well-designed manipulation principles.

  • Position control of features and surfaces
    Controlling correct positions of multiple features to assure quality of final product assembly.
  • Detection of surface defects formed due to thermal cracks in the tools
    Detection of small surface defects, down to 0.02mm height deviation, which are typically formed due to cracks in die casting tools and are normally hard to detect as they appear randomly.
  • Quality control of dimensions and integrity check
    Detection of irregularities in products by using multiple measurement methods for best accuracy.
  • Surface control in deep holes and cavities with borescopes
    By using cutting-edge optical principles, we can inspect what cannot be detected by a human eye.
  • Robot-assisted vision
    Robots can provide better flexibility when many distinct product types need to be inspected.
  • Surface inspection of machined surfaces for porosity
    Detecting and classifying porosity in accordance with DBL 4949 standard.
  • Optical identification
    Reading QR codes, DMP codes, 1D and 2D for reliable traceability of products and parts.
  • Control of thread presence in drill holes
    Detecting presence of thread, double thread and measuring thread depth.



Our fully automated solutions ensure quality inspection of the products where human factor is excluded from the inspection. This means that the inspection is faster, more efficient and more reliable. Products with defects are excluded from the production process, which leads to a reduction in costs and returns.


Each project is a new challenge for us.

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