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    Custom made solutions for series production industry

Custom made solutions for series production industry

Many production companies require custom made optical systems, designed and optimized for their specific needs. We can bring value when commercially available solutions cannot be applied or do not perform reliably enough.

We have been developing optical solutions for automotive parts producers for 20 years, mainly in the area of product quality inspection and optical measurements, but also in the field of automated process guidance and control.

Being part of a larger automotive company ourselves and part of its automation department, we understand the importance of repeatable measurements, height tolerances and the reliable 24/7 functioning of the inspection machine. Machine vision is not just cameras, but a well-orchestrated combination of advanced optical principles, high-end software, well-designed manipulation and mechanical principles.

Our solutions in general help our customers optimize their production process, exclude the human factor from the processes, increase the quality of production, reduce costs and returns.

Examples of our custom solutions:

  • Inline quality control of armature commutators;
  • Inline quality control of starter ring gears;
  • Completely automated plugging of shuttering panels based on machine vision technology, which automatically detects bad wood knots;
  • Adhesive application control;
  • Inline quality control of rotors and stators...


Each project is a new challenge for us.

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